Radiant Logo

We have become Radiant Bible Church

When choosing a logo, we wanted a symbol that helps tell the story of Radiant.

Radiant logo - explained

Here are some features of our new logo:  

1. God is the source

God's glory is the source, the center. We are and want to be all about Him. All that is good, right, beautiful and true is from Him. His glory shines and radiates out from the center.

2. His glory radiates out

The logo represents the movement of God's glory as it radiates from Him to us. When we see His glory, we have two responses: giving glory and worship back to Him (pointing back to the source) and sharing His glory with others (outward movement). 

3. Because of His radiance, we can radiate to others

Jesus calls us to be the "light of the world" and we want to radiate His light and glory to those around us. This symbol reminds us of our mission—"We exist to glorify God and make disciples."

4. Story word

There are a lot of different ways to name a church. We chose a word that both describes God and who we can be because of Him. This strong, story word helps us point to who God is and why we exist. God is radiant and because of Him, we can be radiant, too.

5. Bible focused

We want to make much of the Lord and make much of His Word. God has revealed His glory and truth in the Bible and as a church, we remain committed to Scripture.

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Experience our name/logo reveal Sunday.