Radiant Groups Fall 2020

Radiant God: Being His People

These are unprecedented days. These are providentially-provided days. These are days for us to gather together around God’s Word to deepen our understanding of what it looks like to BE God’s people. 

As God’s people were scattered and living in a broken and angry world, James (the half-brother of Jesus) wrote to help those believers figure out what it looked like to be God’s people. This letter is the earliest writing of the New Testament and is filled with timeless truths for today. James encouraged the early church to live out the words of Jesus. The letter of James is not about a checklist to do, but a people to become. 

Whether you have studied God’s Word for years or are newer in your faith, this study is designed to help you read, understand and apply God’s Word. Together, let’s learn and put into practice what it looks like to increasingly BE God’s people. 

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Radiant Groups Study Guide

Radiant Groups Leader Guides

The following Leader Guides are intended to help facilitate group discussion for the "Being His People" study. 

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Week 3

Week 4

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