Personal Bible Study Methods

As you study the book of Acts, here are four ways to use your Acts Study Journal. Click the blue heading titles (ex: Daily W.O.R.D.) below to see an example of each method. 


For five days, read the entire passage and use your Acts study journal to WRITE one verse that stands out each day. As you read, OBSERVE the passage by circling, underlining and highlighting key words or phrases. Consider how God is working and how this passage is RELEVANT for you today. Pray and DELIGHT in the truth of God’s Word over your life.


Read the entire passage. Then use your Acts study journal to write a one-sentence summary about the main idea or action that takes place in each paragraph. Make arrows in the text to portray the movements contained within each passage. Next, write a paragraph that draws together each summary paragraph in order to clarify the main point of the passage. Finally, assign a title to solidify the emphasis of the passage.


Slowly read the passage and use your Acts study journal to analyze the meaning of key words and phrases. Study the passage verse by verse and discover how the grammar of the passage conveys the author’s intent. Use different colors and symbols to identify the various key words and phrases.


The book of Acts is a historical record about real people, places and events. As you read the passage, use your Acts study journal to ask the following questions:

  • What does this passage teach me about God?
  • What is God doing to advance His Gospel and build His Church?
  • What does this show me about God’s people (good or bad)?
  • What is one truth I need to treasure or action I need to do?
  • What is one question I want to ask my small group?