Name Change: FAQs


Why did we choose to change our name? 

From our beginning in 2007, we have been an autonomous church governed by our own elder board and led by our pastors, free to make all leadership decisions for our faith family. In June 2019, we decided to change our church name to reduce confusion of association with Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago. Additionally, we see this as an opportunity to tell the story of God@Work here in our church and community. 

What was the process for deciding on a new name? 

This was a unanimous decision by our elders and affirmed by our staff. We walked through a careful process in consultation with people within our church and outside our church. 

How do I explain this to people who ask about our name change?  

People you know may wonder why we changed our church name. This is a great opportunity to tell them who we are and who we are all about. Perhaps try this... "People were confusing our church with problems happening in Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago. We are not connected to that church anymore and are completely autonomous. To avoid confusion and to make it clear to everyone who we are, we decided to change our name to Radiant Bible Church. We are the same church with the same mission—to glorify God and make disciples. We see this as a great opportunity to tell our community and people about the Radiant God we serve and how, because of Him, we can be radiant.”

Has anything changed about the church other than the name? 

No. Our new name and logo hasn't changed anything about our core values and practices. We still exist to glorify God and make disciples and we are committed to proclaiming the authority of God's Word without apology, believing firmly in the power of prayer, lifting high the name of Jesus through worship and sharing the good news of Jesus.

What if I don't like the new name and/or logo? 

Something we have learned throughout this process is that it is much easier to critique than create. Every name and logo have shortcomings. Two people can hear the same name or see the same logo and respond differently based on past experience or personal preference. Over time, a name and logo become the norm. We encourage you to walk with us in this new name as we grow into it as a church family. A name is important but not the most important. 

Why did we keep "Bible" as our middle name? 

We have always been big about the Word of God and, by the grace of God, we plan to continue our commitment to elevating the Bible. Our first name "Radiant" describes God and His glory while "Bible" confirms that we remain devoted to Scripture. 

Do we still partner with other churches for church-planting purposes?  

We are aligned with Great Commission Collective (GCC) for the purpose of planting, strengthening and multiplying great commission churches throughout the world.

When will the name on our building change to Radiant Bible Church?  

This project is in process and will be completed as soon as possible. 

When will our church's legal name change (business name)? 

For now, our church is still legally Harvest Bible Chapel Indy West until the proper paperwork is completed with the state of Indiana. This is currently still in process.

Who do I write my offering check to? 

Since we are still legally Harvest Bible Chapel Indy West, please continue to make your checks out to Harvest Bible Chapel. We will inform our faith family when this process is finished. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition.  

Experience our name/logo reveal Sunday.