The Mission of the Church is Missions and the Mission of Missions is the Church


We place a big emphasis on discipleship within our walls, but at the same time we are passionate about discipleship Beyond our Walls. We never want to become so inwardly focused that we neglect to be salt and light to the world. We see our Beyond Our Walls (think Missions) ministry as part of the disciple-making process.

Beyond our Walls consists of three arms – Local, Regional, and International. All three of these involve strategic partnerships. We desire to come alongside of, serve with, and partner with others in the Indianapolis area and around the world for the spread of the gospel and the glory of God.

Local and Regional Beyond Our Walls involves aligning our Small Groups with local ministries or organizations and then serving them, coming alongside of them, and partnering with them in what they are already doing.  We seek to do all of this in order to spread the gospel and be a blessing to our community.

Our International Beyond Our Walls ministry involves partnering with a few strategic International churches and being heavily involved in the life of that church. We often take trips to our partner churches to serve a need, or conduct ministry training, and continue to build life long relationships around the World for the spread of the Gospel to all people for the glory of God.

Strategic Local and Regional Partners:

Strategic International Partners: