Leader Resources

Small Group Leader Resources

As a small group leader, you serve a critical role in the life and ministry of our church. Since day one, small groups are the primary source of care, prayer, encouragement, discipleship and relationships. We’re not just a church with small groups, we’re a church of small groups.

The Lord has called you to be part of His plan. This should give you immense confidence to lean into the Lord as you strive to lead your small group. Together, we will continue to fulfill our mission to glorify God and make disciples. 

During this unique time as we gather virtually, use these resources to be strengthened and encouraged as you lead your small group. 

Spiritual Growth & Soul Care

Overcoming Loss

Redeem This Time

Rule of Life

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Anxiety

Mutual Ministry & Accountability

Summer Small Groups

Six Reasons we are Committed to Small Groups

Asking Good Questions

Virtual Breakout

Virtual Small Groups

Low-Tech, High-Impact

CPR: Check-in, Pray & Remember

Everything is Fine

Understanding Empathy

Celebrating Growth & Serving Together

Encouraging Others

Everyday Witness

Sharing a Meal

The Greater Story