Small Group Fall 2019


This is our first ever church-wide, sermon-based small group study. Whether you’ve been studying God’s Word for years or are newer in your faith, this study is designed to help you read, understand and apply God’s Word to your life. This study is made up of three parts:

PERSONAL STUDY: What does this passage say?

The first part of this study is to read God’s Word for yourself. Our desire is for you to study the passage on your own before hearing the message on Sunday morning. Read slowly and look for details. Use the Acts study journal to highlight or underline key words or phrases that stand out. Then use the notes page in your Acts study journal to write down thoughts or questions.

Personal Bible Study Methods

SUNDAY SERMON: What does this passage mean?

The second part of this study is based on the sermon. Now that you have already spent time reading and observing the passage by yourself, the sermon is intended to teach the meaning of the text and to call you to respond.

View or Watch Sermon

SMALL GROUP: How does this passage change me?

The final part of this study will bring together your personal study and Sunday’s sermon as you discuss and apply this passage with your small group. During this discussion, together your small group will summarize the main points of the passage, answer questions and identify ways to respond to the text.


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