Home Hangouts 2019

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July 6, 2019

6:00pm – 8:00pm

Category: Connecting Event

We are bringing back Home Hangouts this summer! 

When Harvest began 11 years ago, one avenue for helping people meet one another was through something we called "Home Hangouts".

As a church, it's important to have opportunities for our people to interact and spend time with one another. As Harvest has been growing and as we have condensed the time between services, this summer is a perfect time to bring back Home Hangouts.

We hope you can sign up for one of the following June or July Home Hangouts:

June 7, 6:30PM: Jake & Jami Murray
June 14, 6PM: Tim & JoAnn Drummond
June 21, 6PM: Dave & Gretchen Carlson
June 22, 6PM: Michael & Stacey Preyss
June 23, 6PM: Hans & Karen Stonehouse
June 28, 6PM: Dennis & Katy Robinson
June 29, 6PM: Wes & Heather Harris
June 30, 6PM: Eric & Krista Carlson
July 6, 6PM: John & Hannah Beerbower
July 12, 6PM: Bret & Erin Hawkins
July 12, 6PM: Rob & Kim Deas
July 13, 5PM: Matt & Caitlin Bell
July 14, 6PM: Kenny & Suzan Franklin
July 18, 6PM: Brad & Candi Martin
July 25, 6PM: Jim & Kristen Milharcic
July 27, 6PM: Wayne & Melia Leichty
July 28, 6PM: Robbie & Julie Carter

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