Why I Love Harvest Students


When I tell someone that I pastor middle and high school students for my job, they usually respond the same way, “Wow! Bless your heart! Glad it’s you and not me. That’s a hard age.” I always respond the same way, “It’s my joy!”


For the last five years, it has been my joy to love, teach, and pastor our middle and high school students. Today I wanted to share three reasons why I love my job:

1) I love my students.

I look forward to every opportunity I have to see my students, spend time with my students, listen to my students, pray with my students, and pour into my students. They are a delight to be around. I love their passion for life. I love their desire to seek and serve the Lord. I love that they are constantly changing. I love that I get to serve them at such a formative time in their lives.

2) I love my leaders.

I have tried to do solo ministry before. It was a disaster. While I believe God was gracious and worked in lives despite my numerous failings, I have since learned the joys of team ministry. Every week I interact with 18 leaders that are spending their lives to make disciples amongst our students. They know these students well. They spend time with them. They pray with and for them. They faithfully love them and teach them. I cannot imagine trying to disciple 100+ students on my own and I am glad that God has not asked me to. Seeking and serving Jesus with these leaders has been a tremendous blessing. I pray that every disciple-maker would be able to serve the Lord with a team like our Harvest Students team.

3) I love the glory of God amongst the nations.

Student ministry is unique. It is a transient ministry. Students show up when they enter 6th grade and move on when they graduate high school. This is at once one of the most difficult and most beautiful realities when it comes to student ministry. God graciously gives us seven years to partner with parents in the discipleship of their children and then they disperse into the nations. The truths they come to embrace and enjoy are taken with them wherever the Lord brings them. Some will go far. Others will stay close. They will enter diverse career fields and have varied opportunities. All of this equals gospel permeation. The ministry that is being done week-by-week in the lives of this handful of students on the west side of Indianapolis has the potential to impact the nations for the glory of God!

So, Father, thank you for this joyful opportunity to love these students and serve with this team for your glory amongst the nations. And next time someone says, “Glad it’s you and not me” I plan to respond, “I’m glad it’s me too."