What Is The Word of God?


God’s Word. Do those two words resonate in your mind, or does it simply bring thoughts of a dusty, black book that has some good things to say along with things that I don’t understand, but are probably not that important any way? A book that looks proper in its place on a bookshelf beside other volumes that are impressively bound but seldom, if ever, read.

People are in awe of the seven wonders of the ancient world with all their crumbling and eroded beauty–some so crumbly that they don’t exist anymore–having been consumed by the ages, yet we give scarcely a thought to the fact of the lasting beauty of a “book” that has not yielded to the intentional efforts of men to eliminate it. This alone should give insight that this book, God’s Word, is divinely special and we ought to give careful thought to its content and meaning.

How should I think about God’s Word? What is this unique communication from the Creator Himself?

First, I should realize that these Words have eternal value.

This is not just a pleasant communication between acquaintances that are catching up on old times. We are being given instruction and insight from the One who was, and is, and is to come. God, the un-caused One, is sharing His thoughts with the caused ones and consequently, we should realize that His words are different–eternal thoughts from an eternal God. That thought casts a whole new perspective on Scripture.

Second, I should realize that these Words will contradict my natural understanding of how things should be.

When communication from an infinite God is made in the form of Scripture, it should come as no surprise that what He says differs from what I would say or think. His words have never been proven wrong. Losing my life for His sake in order to find it does not resonate with man’s way of thinking. Putting myself last in order to be first does not compute with today’s self-centered thought process.

Third, I need to see the Bible as not so much a book to read or display, but rather see it as loving communication and self-revelation from Almighty God.

His word shows my weaknesses, my helplessness, the traps I need to avoid. But more than that, He shows me Himself and in so doing shows me the way of life, the way to peace and contentment, the way to find a truly fulfilling life in having a personal relationship with the One who created me.

How can a person with a finite mind truly process the thoughts of an infinite Creator? By ourselves we can’t. But by His Spirit it is possible to travel that road. The next time you read Scripture, think of who formed these words. It may be the jolt you’ve needed.