Think Conference 2017

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This past weekend 120 students from 3 churches gathered together to lift the name of Jesus high and learn from God's Word about eternity at the Think Conference. Here are the notes from each session. So, if you see a student this Sunday, be sure to ask them how the conference was.


Session 1 – Death

Passages: Genesis 3; 1 Corinthians 15
Death is the result of disobedience.
Death is separation.
Death is (almost) certain.
Death is followed by judgment.
Death is defeated.

Session 2 – Heaven

Passage: Revelation 21
In Heaven…
Everything is always new.
God is near.
Suffering is absent.
Satisfaction is abundant.
Not everyone is going to Heaven. 

Session 3 – Hell

Passage: Matthew 24–25
Many people are deservedly going to hell.

Hell is eternal conscious torment.
Hell displays God’s holiness and justice.
Hell assures us that evil won’t win
Hell tells us that God has our back.
Hell magnifies the love of Christ.
Hell pushes us toward the gospel.
Hell motivates our witness.
Hell is defeated.

Session 4 – Life

Passage: 2 Peter 3:1–13
In light of death, heaven, and hell we should…
Live faithfully.
Live urgently.
Live expectantly.