GO! Trips: Scotland 2018


God Has A Plan

This summer, our team of 11 went to Scotland to visit faith family at Harvest Glasgow. Originally, this trip was planned to be focused on construction. The plan was to help Harvest Glasgow with some remodeling projects on their 100-year-old church. Seemed simple enough… or so we thought!

This “construction trip” quickly turned into a “whatever God has planned” trip. We couldn’t get work visas to get into Scotland, which meant we now had to go as "tourists". But God had a plan. We had no idea what we were going to do while we were there, but we needed to trust that He always knows what He’s doing.

We make plans and do what it takes to make everything fall into place, but too often we forget that God’s plan is ultimately bigger and better than anything we can imagine. We can easily lose focus and forget to put our trust in Him when things don’t go our way.

God's Plan Is Better

Once we arrived, we hit the ground running. We spent almost every night split up in different families’ homes, enjoying amazing food and hearing how God has been working in their lives. It was great to hear stories of people coming to know the Lord and how they found Harvest Glasgow. We all left deeply encouraged by those we spent time with and were able to see how God is working in their lives and through their church.

While we did have the opportunity to do some work on the church building, we realized that God had us there for more than just projects. He had us there to encourage and build relationships with the people of Harvest Glasgow. He had us there so we could be encouraged and stretched in our own lives. God had a plan. And His plan wasn’t ours. His plan worked out way better than we could have planned.

We Would Have Missed Out

If the description for this trip was anything other than a “construction trip”, I think many on our team would not have applied. I’m sure if we were there with the mindset of solely doing construction projects, we would have missed out on opportunities to sit down with people from Harvest Glasgow and hear their stories. We would have missed out on God working and challenging us to be more vocal about our faith with strangers. We would have missed out on the God at Work stories from so many because we would have been too focused on our own plans.  

Somehow showing up to Harvest Glasgow with no plans, we still were an encouragement to their church. They couldn’t believe that 11 of us would take time away from our families and work to spend a week with them. So often, we can easily get caught up in the plans we have and miss out on God-given opportunities to share our lives with others. Don't miss out. GO!