Remembering God


As the slow summer days come to an end and the busyness of the fall begins to invade our lives, it is good to pause and remember who our God is. I invite you to join me in fixing your gaze on the Lord and being reminded of the greatness of our God as declared in Psalm 145.


“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised." 

Our God is worthy to be praised. This verse goes on to say that God’s greatness is unsearchable. Every person who has ever lived could spend every waking moment trying to plumb the depths of God’s greatness and the collective understanding gained would not even begin to do justice to the greatness of our God. There are many reasons why our God is greatly to be praised. Psalm 145 offers these 4. 

1) “The Lord is gracious and merciful.”

I, for one, am in desperate need of God’s grace and mercy. As I consider God’s holiness and my sinfulness, my heart rejoices in knowing and resting in my gracious and merciful God. Whatever this summer may have looked like for you, you can be certain that God is gracious and merciful. He will continue to be gracious and merciful all year long.

2) “The Lord is good to all.”

All that God is and does is worthy of approval. God is always good; not just when we are experiencing good things. Perhaps it has been easy for you to remember this truth this summer. Perhaps the Lord has allowed you to enjoy a season where his goodness has been clearly on display. Praise God!

3) “The Lord upholds all who are falling.”

You may find yourself coming into this fall season refreshed and rejuvenated from the summer. Or maybe you find yourself exhausted, burnt out, frustrated, discouraged, hopeless. If you are in Christ, you can be sure that God Almighty will help you. He will sustain you. He will cause you to persevere. His grace is sufficient for you and his power is made perfect in your weakness.

4) “The Lord is near to all who call on him.”

Our God—the only God—is shown time and time again to be the God who delights in being near to his people. When is the last time you called upon him? Not just casually. Really called upon him. As you step into this next season, God invites you to call on him and experience his nearness. Nothing is more satisfying. Nothing is worthier of your attention. May this season be marked by calling upon our great, gracious and merciful, good, and near God.

So how do we respond to the greatness of our God?

“My mouth will speak the praise of the Lord.”