Pray With Us: Worship, Walk, Work


Growth in our Worship, Walk, and Work

Lord, we at Harvest have been truly blessed by Your kindness and provision, but along with that blessing comes some responsibilities for us! Would You help us let our worship be sincere and magnified, whether we are together worshipping or whether we are alone? Would You help us in our daily walk to be consistent followers off Your Word?

I think we all know when our walk is not pleasing to You, so help us to deny ourselves in order that You may be given the praise You deserve and that we can see continued blessings from You! And when we are together as a body worshipping and serving, would You enable us to work and serve with all our might? There would be no greater honor than to receive a "well done, thou good and faithful servant" when we stand before You!

Would You work through us all as we share Your love for us with those we meet each day? Help us to be bold and willing to share with others Your gift of salvation so that we can see others feast on the blessings of Your love!

And please let everything that You enable us to see, do, and "taste", glorify Your Son.. Amen.