Pray With Us: Sending-Base Place


Father, as we pray for our Sending-Base Place, we are reminded that you are sovereign and that you are in control. Whatever happens is by your design and ultimately for your glory.

While a few of us experienced some doubt along the way, you knew from the outset that our church would be planted in Avon (in a movie theater of all places) to be a blessing to the people of the west side of Indianapolis and beyond.

Oh Father, forgive us for our lack of faith, for times when we view things from our limited perspective, instead of trusting in the boundless possibilities of what you can do.

God, we praise you for your provision of our current land and building as a place for corporate worship and ministry over the past 4 years. And presently, we thank you for holding the Rockville Road property for our potential purchase. May it be the kind of strategic acquisition that allows us to increase our visible presence within the community to enhance our potential for ministry.

So Father, with regard to our Sending-Base Place, we humbly and faithfully ask for MORE. We ask that it be a place:

• Where your Word is MORE boldly preached

• Where voices are MORE joyfully heard to lift your name high

• Where our collective faith is MORE intentionally displayed, and ...

• Where MORE lives are changed for Jesus Christ ... now and for many generations to come

We ask all of this for your glory and in Jesus’ name, amen.