Pray With Us: Our Pastors


Pray for Our Pastors

Father, you are truly a God that has orchestrated an awesome team of pastors at Harvest Indy West. Their sincere desire to serve each other and the faith family is evident in the things they do each and every day. Your ability to form a team with such abilities and skills has allowed Harvest to reach so many people and serve whenever they can. Please continue to bring laborers that have a passion to reach the lost of this world and serve your people.

Father, we thank you for all that you do in the training up of the staff that will be needed for what you will do at Harvest in the future. We cry out to you for your guidance. We desire to daily acknowledge that you are in charge and that our part is to be obedient to what you call us to do. Continue to use the pastors as willing examples of what it looks like to be a servant of the Lord. Bless each pastor and their families with strength and endurance as we continue to run the race that you have set before us all!