Pray With Us: International Partners


Increased Opportunities, Fruitfulness, and Effectiveness with Our International Ministry Partners 

Dear God, we love you and thank you for the many blessings you have given us. We are mindful of the fact that all the goodness you have chosen to show us is a reminder of your faithfulness. You have blessed our church in ways we could never have imagined. Thank you for providing us with these opportunities to serve alongside ministry partners and to minister to those in need of a Savior.  We humbly ask you for even more opportunities to come alongside fellow believers, working together for your glory.

Through your wisdom and grace, you allow us to participate in the working of your plan and the sharing of the gospel, not just here in Indianapolis, but around the world. Thank you for the friendships and relationships you allow us to have with brothers and sisters in Christ from other nations. May we be an encouragement to them and never a hindrance; may we go in humility, with a learner’s spirit to appreciate what they have to teach us about their cultural needs. May our work always point others to you and never to ourselves. We ask you to produce fruit in the hearts of all who labor and all who hear. In your sovereign way and constant leading, you allow and enable us to join hearts and hands with others as we try to reach those within our communities.

As we prepare to send several teams to minister alongside our international partners, we ask that you would you be working in the hearts of each individual. We pray for unity, focus, and passion to serve you well as we work with fellow believers in Haiti, Saint Vincent, Guatemala, and Scotland. Thank you for these mutual ministry opportunities that you use to sanctify us, and grow us in our faith and love for you. Work in the hearts of those whom we will try to reach. We recognize that we are privileged to have these opportunities to share your perfect love with others, and we expectantly look forward to seeing the mighty works you will accomplish for your glory. 

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.