Pray With Us: God’s Faithfulness


Thanking God for 10 Years of Faithfulness

Father, it has done my heart good to take a look back at the past 10 years of Harvest Indy West and recall all the ways You were at work. Jesus told Peter that He would build His church and that has certainly been evident.

Even in the times of waiting and redirecting, You were faithful and kind. We waited to launch longer than we wanted and hoped in the beginning, but Your timing was perfect in bringing just the right people to be on the launch team and bringing us the right senior pastor and worship pastor.  You redirected us from our original plans for a place to meet and led us to the theater. Thank You for so many lives that You changed and grew in that theater.

You also redirected us from pursuing a facility that was not Your plan and You helped us wait for the land and facility You’ve now blessed us with. In all this, You were faithful and I thank You 

God, You’ve been faithful to protect our church from discord and disunity. Thank You so much for that. 

Thank You for growing our staff over these past 10 years to just the right men, in just the right areas of ministry at just the right time.

From the very earliest days, we prayed that You would bring people to Harvest Indy West that we would have the opportunity to minister to. And for all 10 years, You have kept bringing people. Thank You!

Thank You for the relationships and partnerships You’ve led us to in international ministry.  In Romania, St. Vincent Island, Haiti, Scotland...  Thank You for teaching us through Your servants in these other countries and thank You for allowing us the privilege of building into them as well.

Father, there are so many things for which we thank You for Your faithfulness to our faith family. Lifting high Jesus name together in worship each week. The faithful preaching of Your Word. The genuine community in our small groups committed to helping one another walk with Jesus.

God, we see many occurrences in Your Word of looking back at Your mighty works of faithfulness for Your people. We look back at these 10 years of Your faithfulness to Harvest Indy West and we thank You. I pray that we use the evidence of Your faithfulness in the past to look ahead with boldness.  Stretch us. We boldly ask You for more. Give us answers to these prayers that are ‘exceeding, abundantly beyond what we ask for or could even imagine’. And we thank You in advance for Your answers.

In the strong name of Jesus I pray, Amen.