GO! Trips: See. Strengthen. Serve.

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By the end of 2019, 46 individuals from our faith family will have participated in an international GO! Trip this year. GO! trips have both short term and long-lasting impact beyond those who go. The Lord uses these unique experiences to grow relationships and multiply ministry.

“GO! Trips allow us to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world to continue to run after Jesus,” explained Kim McGinnis after her trip to Harvest Glasgow in Scotland. “We get to humble ourselves and learn what it means to be a part of a different community for a week and see how the Lord uses other believers across the globe for His glory.”

“The purpose of GO! Trips is to serve and help our ministry partners in any way possible,” shared Ryan Elam, who served at Harvest Georgetown in St. Vincent. “We don't have all of the answers and we don't go to ‘fix’ anything, but rather, we come alongside to serve and love our friends who are reaching their part of the world for Christ.”

Coming alongside our brothers and sisters internationally allows us to see how God is at work in other places, not just here on the westside of Indianapolis.

“The Lord has already taught me to pray more for the ministries we are involved in here, including Sunday morning worship!” continued Kim. “Why haven’t I ever stopped to pray for the sermon with my family before leaving church? Is it because I assume that’s somebody else’s job? How would I look at the service differently if I took time to pray for it before we went? And what about small group? How would small group look if I started to pray over it before each gathering? Prayer is powerful. Prayer changes things. God showed me I do not have a heart of expectant belief when I pray. I have learned how to talk with the Lord in a different way, a way that proclaims that He is God and I am not, but also in a way that boldly requests the Lord’s intervention.”

So often the Lord uses GO! Trips to expose areas of our lives where we need Him more. A majority of participants returned from their trip saying their prayer life has changed significantly.

“The people at Harvest Glasgow pray like no others I’ve seen,” said Ariana Reinoehl. “They are so intentional and joyful in prayer and don’t pray for themselves, but for others. They pray specifically and it’s amazing to see God answer those prayers. They expect God to do a work and He does. It’s something I hope to implement in my own life.”

In addition to growth through prayer, GO! Trip participants mention that God reveals Himself in unique and life-changing ways.

“Sometimes the Lord nudges us out of our comfort zones in order to help us grow,” shared Lisa Rogers after her trip to Scotland. “My deepest friendships were developed when we were serving the Lord together.”

A lot of planning goes into each trip, but plans don’t always go the way we want them to, especially when we are overseas and immersed a different culture. The lack of control in certain situations teaches us to yield in an entirely different way.

“There were several moments when things didn't go exactly how I would have liked them to go, but God was able to use these moments to show that He is in control and my personal way of doing things doesn't matter at the end of the day,” said Noah Woodruff after serving at Harvest Glasgow.

Getting a broader sense of what church and ministry look like around the globe is humbling and encouraging. If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a GO! Trip, would you consider going in 2020?

“GO! NOW! There are things at home that need attention, but those things will be here when you return,” encouraged Kim. “You will forever be changed by going on a trip, and that change will allow you to serve your family, your friends and your church better in the end. Just go and see what the Lord will do!”