ALL IN: United in Truth! Week 1


Read along with us over the next several weeks as our leaders share passages of Scripture that unify us and point our hearts toward the Lord and his truth as we anticipate moving to three services. Let's be praying the Lord will further advance his gospel on the west side of Indianapolis.



ALL IN: United in Truth!


“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.”

Romans 15:7

Each week, as God brings people to Harvest, we have the opportunity to “welcome one another as Christ has welcomed us”. Each exchange of greeting as we welcome both attenders and visitors, we desire that the Lord would use us to share his glory.

From the moment we arrive, to the moment we exit the building, we have the distinct honor to represent Christ as his hands and feet. We have the opportunity to embrace those who are seeking fellowship or a place of refuge. As people begin their morning and enter the building, we have the privilege to greet them with a smile or a handshake, which allows them to feel welcomed and loved as soon as they walk through the doors. Part of welcoming others well is recognizing that as people come on Sundays, some may experience feelings of joy and in other cases they may feel fear and uncertainty.

The opportunity for encouragement, prayer and counsel is very short, but this time of connection before the service begins allows our faith family to continue an exchange of life-on-life as we receive one another in love. The example that has been demonstrated for us by Christ encourages us to go outside of our comfort zone to let people know that they are welcome and have a place here at Harvest.

Let’s be ALL IN as we create an environment that is welcoming to anyone who gathers with us to lift the name of Jesus high.