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Be Holy (Yeah, Right!)


God expects us to be set apart, unstained by sin and the world. In fact, Peter reminds us what God said in Leviticus 11: 44, “Be holy for I am holy”. It’s His expectation. Meditate on the reality that God allows us and makes a way for us to share in His holiness. Let that truth saturate your thinking. ...

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How To Break Out


For many people the most intimidating thing about joining a small group is break out. Think back to the first time you attended your small group. Not only did you knock on a stranger’s door, but you went in and sat down in their living room. By the way, who are these people? What’s going to happen? What’s my escape plan? Here are three ways to prepare for break out s...

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8 Lessons in 8 Years


2016 marked 8 years at Harvest Indy West for me. Wow these eight years have flown by. So much has changed. My family has changed. Our church has changed. And I have changed. I thank the Lord for Harvest and the privilege of serving here for an extended period of time. Here are 8 things I have learned over the last 8 years of ministry....

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Worship & Wonder: Christmas Day Video

Christmas Day Video

We hope and pray this video will be a blessing and an encouragement to you and your family as you celebrate the birth of our Savior with joy this Christmas. Join us in worship and wonder as we sing together and spend just a few minutes in Luke 2. As you go through this Christmas week with friends and family, may your conversations overflow with praise to God for all th...

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The Holiday Season With Friends and Family: Encounter or Opportunity?

Holiday Pic

Holidays spent with family and friends can be times filled with joy, celebration, conversation, and glorious feasting. Holidays spent with family and friends can also be times filled with sadness, regret, confusion, conflict, and bad fruitcake. Navigating the holidays with others can be filled with delight and difficulty. How do you view the time with family and friends ov...

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What Is The Word of God?


God's Word. Do those two words resonate in your mind, or does it simply bring thoughts of a dusty, black book that has some good things to say along with things that I don't understand, but are probably not that important any way? A book that looks proper in its place on a bookshelf beside other volumes that are impressively bound but seldom, if ever, read....

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Welcome to the new blog of Harvest Bible Chapel Indy West. Our desire is to provide you with one more avenue of discipleship where you can be equipped with resources and encouragement to grow in Christ and go on behalf of Christ....

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