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ALL IN: United in Truth! Week 2


Read along with us over the next several weeks as our leaders share passages of Scripture that unify us and point our hearts toward the Lord and his truth as we anticipate moving to three services. Let's be praying the Lord will further advance his gospel on the west side of Indianapolis. ...

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Pray With Us: God’s Faithfulness


Over the next several weeks, our elders will be leading us in prayer on the blog. Join with us as we thank God for the past 10 years and ask that the Lord will continue to do great things for his glory over the next 10 years....

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Don't Miss the Lesson


In the middle of life and its inevitable trials and sufferings, don’t miss the lesson of what God is teaching and how He is perfecting us for His purposes and His glory. Look for it. Learn it quickly and permanently....

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Be Holy (Yeah, Right!)


God expects us to be set apart, unstained by sin and the world. In fact, Peter reminds us what God said in Leviticus 11: 44, “Be holy for I am holy”. It’s His expectation. Meditate on the reality that God allows us and makes a way for us to share in His holiness. Let that truth saturate your thinking. ...

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